Sunday, January 23, 2011

wedding invitation

I was asked along with Ange to make and sell wedding invitations for an individual in the choke. I came up with this design based on what the bride wanted. Let me know what you think!! To much pressure here!! I will be doing their engagement photo (when I get it) in a sepia to give it that antique feel, the middle will be where her info is and the final flap hold her r.s.v.p.


  1. Looks good, but I can't get a good feel for the front of the card due to the angle shot. I am not sure if the pearls are needed.

    This is a lot of work for something that most people just throw out. How many do you have to make?

    Also, does the couple care about the shipping costs? With all the bulk and weight, it will definitely add to the cost of postage.

    There's my two cents worth....good luck with your project. It is a beautiful invitation.

  2. Pretty invitation...I'll bet the bride will love it...I agree that the pic in sepia will look great!

  3. Wow, beautiful invitation!!! I agree that the photo will be perfect in sepia. :)

  4. Beautiful. I hear what Donna is saying about the weight. What you can do is put it in the envelope and take it to the mail office and have them weight it and tell you the cost to mail them. Sometimes you are surprised that it is not as much as you think. Keep in mind that wedding invitations, even the ones you buy usually take two stamps due to weight anyways. Check it out though. I love this design!!